Monday, 14 March 2011

Grasping for inspiration.

"Life's truest happiness is found in the friendships we make along the way".

Recent days have proved difficult in finding something positive to cling to in my journey forward; and family and friends have shared my frustration despite witnessing remarkable progress.

One milestone which gives renewed hope is illustrated simply and succinctly by the images of friends old and new who have today travelled  to Phyllis Tuckwell from near and not so near to lend their support. We see Susie Milbank sitting in the Hospice gardens; her preferred location in view of the fact that we first made contact on the website of 'Wild About Britain' and finally met, thanks to her endeavour, for the first time today in order to share a common bond in our love of things natural though marginally disperse, and our experience of heartache at the hands of a cruel disease within our respective families. It was trually a pleasure meeting Susie and I thank her for the choice gifts of wine, 'fruits' and chocs and not the least her kind words of encouragement.

Susie soaks up the rays after travelling from Sussex

I hope it will be possible to share more with Susie especially if we can revert to our original plan, whilst I was more mobile, to explore Minley's wildlife treasures. (Working on a wheelchair access as I speak)

Minley of course takes us to my home patch where previously I often met up with another of today's visitors to PTH; Toni, a member of our dog walking community (thanks for your goodies [;0)] and your company) along with Caroline and company.

Toni, with Woody, sharing a coffee and a 'Twirl'
in the Tarbutt and Slocock Room

Forever in attendance family, friends virtual and actual like Trevor 'at the match', and hospice staff who keep me constant company at these trying times.

What more do I need than a reminder of these loving words from Geraldine in 2001:


When you are sad.....I will dry your tears.

When you are scared.....I will comfort your fears.

When you are worried.....I will give you hope.

When you are confused.....I will help you cope.

And when you are lost.....And can't see the light.

I shall be your beacon.....Shining ever so bright

This is my oath that I pledge to you.

Why you may ask?.....Because I love you

Geraldine xxx


  1. It was a real pleasure to meet you and I hope that we can do so again. I'm looking forward to you taking me on a tour of your local patch!


  2. Hi Susie, The small effort you made deserves a return gesture on my part and with Chaka harnessed to my 'chariot' then there may just be an objective........Even a WAB meet including JP, Leif, Pauline and a few more from different factions - A dream to cling to but not beyond the realms of possibility.

    Love, light and warm blessings to you and yours

    David xxx

  3. David
    You are often in my thoughts, so I’m so glad to see you posting on your blog and including the lovely photos.
    I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling for inspiration recently, but for others it is you that is truly inspiring with your humour, your courage and with your honesty. Let’s hope that the next few days see some truly inspiring improvements in your general well being and that you continue receiving all these lovely visitors who raise your spirits so much. Keep your goals in sight David, small or large, as all count.
    I send you warm and healing hugs and a big hug to Geraldine.
    Love and Light
    Crystal xx

    Believe in the hope
    That a new day
    Is dawning
    Believe that your
    Dreams will come true…
    Believe in the
    Promise of a
    Brighter tomorrow…
    Begin by believing
    In you

  4. Lovely Crystal - I would dearly love to access my scanner to be able to post a copy of the photos you sent to me. The beauty in thought word and deed matches the picture.


  5. That looks like such a lovely place, David. Sunshine and daffodils would be so nice to see! I'm sorry that you have to be there because of stupid old Goliath. Best wishes from snowy Bergen. Keep smiling!

  6. Hi David,
    Certainly looking forward to that foray.
    Cheers J.P.

  7. Don't forget an extra pasty JP; Chaka will need more energy for towing the 'chariot'

    Hi Pilla, Goliath doesn't even have an inkling about this training camp and when I am ready to leave and take him on again he will not stand a chance. My best regards to Ed.

  8. Good to read another post of yours David, and what a pleasant surprise to meet up with your Wild About Britain friend.
    The sunshine looks lovely down there. We've had some beautiful days recently too, but our daffodils are still too scared to come out, and this morning as I look out the window I can barely see beyond 10 yards. 'Pea soup' as we say up here, or 'foggy as hell!'
    Much love to you all
    Shents xxx

  9. Hey Big Red! I rush to your posts everyday (when I remember - LOL!) and it's fab to see the latest one! Now, I know where the PTH is....anyone want a lift? Be happy to pick up some friends and bring them along! Contact me via the fungi-of-hants-surrey-borders (or here!) as usual and I'll liaise with you all! Hope there isn't a limit on the amount of 'mycophiles' you're allowed Dave! Oh, one (two) more things: you up to receiving a 'job lot' of pals? And can I bring Merlin? S'about time you met him!

    Bright Blessings, love and oodles of light!


    J xxxx

  10. Dear David and Geraldine
    Those are truly heartfelt and lovely words of Geraldine's and must be very uplifting and precious to you David. Geraldine is your beacon shining brightly through the dark times and helping to guide you home.
    Hope today is a happy and good day for you.
    Love and Light
    Crystal xx
    PS: I’m relieved you don’t have access to a scanner David, lol.

  11. Thanks to three more lovely lasses and it's good to know you are all behind me in this journey forward:

    Shents my task for today is a current photo of the gardens in all their splendour.

    Julie I look forward to seeing you and Merlin at any time (visiting unrestricted)

    Crystal, set me a challenge and you may be surprised to see your beamng smile emenating from the pages of my blog.

    Love, light and warm blessings to you all

    David [[[xxx]]]

  12. David
    What lovely words, really moving, thanks for sharing them. Now the sun's come out (here at least) I hope you're enjoying snapping the garden. Have you found any fungi in it yet?
    Keep strong, cheers

  13. David
    There is nothing I would like to hear more than that you’re home again, so that’s a good thing to aim for and a good challenge you set. But only one photo, preferably of my dog or my McHubby and not the ones where I’m green and wrinkled and toothless, heheheh.
    Hoping today is a bright and sunny one for you.
    Love and Hugs
    Crystal xx
    Hope to see those garden photos soon if the weather kept nice enough for you to venture outside.

  14. Hi David,sorry havent been on here for a while ,bad patch but picking up slowly.You are a true inspiration to us all.All good wishs coming your way.
    Rose xxx

  15. Here I am over here on the far side of the Big Pond, David, sitting in my big chair just thinking of you. I pray for you every day and hope that you're able to cope with this horrible journey you're on--just a little better.




  16. Thinking of you David.

    Love Karen

  17. Gruesome events interveined before I had a chance to respond or honour my above pledges: Resulting in a short but decideley not sweet transfer to The Royal Surrey Hospital where luckily the Oncocology/Palliative Care teams finally caught up with me and engineered my swift return to PTH at Farnham where I was restored to a state of comparitively lesser health; but understandable under the circumstances. Hence now emotionally back to form with some effort and close support of family (including a stop-over in London from Jo'burg by my younger brother Mike) and the MDT, but struggling to cope with the resultant diminishing motability. In spite of this situation my home has been equipped to accommodate the necessary conversions required to provide the care Geraldine and I require at a time considered appropriate by PTH. Fingers crossed!

  18. Thinking of you guys all the time and sending hugs your way - hope your home soon David with your beloved wife, chakra and Bailey too x love tash x

  19. Thinking of you frequently, David. I look forward to hearing that you're home again. In the meantime, cyber hugs from Sunny Spain xxx