Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Spring is in the air..............

............and hope reigns eternal!

Today's atmosphere on the ward is enhanced by the fragrance of hyacynth from Fi's bouquet on my bedside. Also her tales from the lambing shed and photos of the ewes and their offspring bring welcome momentos.

With such encouragement we are due to follow up yesterday's successes whereby time was shared with friends and family in the Coffee Shop before a relaxing head and shoulder massage.

I am amazed at the progress we are making but still very aware that it is early days and that objectives must be on a day to day basis

Enjoying the spring sunshine in the gardens at Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, Farnham with Bob and Rosie



  1. David
    I've just come back from a long walk in that lovely spring air, first in a while after starting the blessed (read horrible) chemo again - how such days can lift your spirit as you say and all the more so when I read that you're making progress, which is very good news.
    Sending you sunny, happy vibes and all the strength you need to continue to progress.
    Take care & cheers

  2. Just a blessing that I am able to take advantage of the hospice's lovely grounds. Next time let's hope Chaka will be with me, he's finding it all very strange too!

  3. David
    Really lovely to see some pics of you - especially with a glass of vino plonko in your hand.
    Do you think they'll let Chaka visit? He must be missing you terribly!
    Keep posting - its really good to hear from you. And keep enjoying this lovely spring that's in the air at the moment. Its a magical time of year.
    Much love as always
    Shents xxx

  4. Hi David,
    It’s great to see the photos and I’m so pleased to see you outside in the lovely spring sunshine. I’m sure Chaka should be allowed to see you for a stroll around the grounds, he is family after all, and it will do you both so much good. It seems you’ve got your priorities right with that glass of vino and I’m really happy to hear that you’re progressing well and enjoying each achievement.
    Sending you sunny smiles and warm hugs.
    Love and Light
    Crystal xx

  5. Wait a sec, there's something very wrong here!
    You are basking in the sunshine and I'm watching the snow melt in my garden? :O

    Thank you for these photos my friend, it's great seeing your smile. In a couple of hours I will raise a glass myself for you, wishing you strength and fast progress.

    Please pat Chaka's head for me, ok?

    Much love,


  6. I agree with Rania. How come I woke up to new snow and you have spring?
    It looks like you are doing pretty well, David, and thanks for posting the pictures. You're getting good care - massages and wine and most importantly, good company.

  7. A wonderful surprise from Charles in the form of a National Geographic wildlife greetings card depicting Sumatran tiger cubs. A search of my Blog will reveal how G and I love this subject too!

    Cheers Charles and hold that thought - wish I could be a bit more flexible when steering you around


  8. David
    I'll hold that thoughts as long as necessary! FYI you've also inspired me to start a blog too called 'Me & It', early days yet but it's been good to get things down. If you have the time and inclination here's a link: http://me-and-it.blogspot.com/.
    Take good care & cheers - I'll be having my first glass of wine in about 3 months tonight!