Tuesday, 1 March 2011

'While the train is in the station, please refrain from urination.........................

....................have respect for railway property!'

Laying in bed confined to rest I am waiting for the signals to change allowing me to leave the platform of Onslow Ward fitted with a shiny new catheter (can't fault the timing by these hospital doctors: 10 minutes before KO, 6 Nations, England v France and armed with KFC and a Boddingtons - least the property will be respected!)

After the the latest results of tests it now transpires that surgery is no longer viable for attacking the numerous thoracic compressions within my spine. The final efficacy of the completed radiotherapy remains in the melting pot but never the less means that at this moment I am in the capable hands of the physiotherapists and yours truly for any hope of getting back on my feet and walking again: The one place I dreaded reaching but at least I was not buried in the rubble of Christchurch, NZ or shot up and blasted by a despotic government in Tripoli. There is always hope and Chaka is still waiting by the front door at home ready with collar and lead. Furthermore Crystal's reminder sits poignantly on my bedside lest I should momentarily forget my band of angels waiting, not only driving chariots at Twickenham against France, but also ever present to carry me home!

The thoughts and prayers flow throw cyberspace to one and all even if the means  to communicate more directly are somewhat curtailed by this freebie hospital internet access.

David (X)


  1. My dear David... Wish I were closer and I'd be in there giving you a big GENTLE hug. I hope you realize that. I must say that those physiotherapists are great aren't they? Do as they suggest and hurry too as I want to see more photos of the woods with Chaka and more fungi too. Every time I see a funny toadstool or mushroomy thing out in the back garden, you're thought of. I haven't the foggiest idea of their names but I always think to myself, "David would have a name for this." So pull yourself up and do as you're told and get out of there my good friend.

    Talk to you soon.

    Love you loads,

    Your "across the big pond buddy", Pat!

  2. We are both sending you lovely thoughts and hoping the train will leave the station with you and your catheter on board for Minley Woods! We are keeping fingers crossed the radio therapy works and that we can join you for a good old fungus forray - you never know, I may even find something a bit rare again! xxxxxx Suz and Sara

  3. Come on David, get yourself on that train soon mate.....loads of hope and encouragement coming from this direction...

  4. I wish I could come and sit by your bed and have a good long chat and a laugh. Your positive attitude has always impressed so many of us and we are all full of admiration for you. You can't keep a good dog down and I'm sure you won't let this temporary blip curtail your continuing enjoyment of life. Lots of love xxx

  5. David,

    No wise words, just some hugs for you.

    I do hope you get some positive results from the physio sessions. Keep well my friend x

    Sending love to you and Geraldine xx

  6. As oft so frustratingly reiterated I miss the facility to rattle round the message boards and blogs in order to send individual replies. Invariably laboriously drafted postings go astray before completion, so keeping to the essential in an area most likely to be viewed is my priority. I do try and keep apace on individuals tho' it may not always seem apparent. Needless to say well wishes received here are crucial to my positivity and I remain ever grateful to one and all (especially those in just as dire straits) as each small step forward is achieved.

    An update is forthcoming and when the pain control takes effect I will make further good use of the on screen key pad and end of my pen.

    love,light and warm blessings
    David (X)

  7. Keep your wonderful attitude, David. I am sure you will be able to beat this, and be mobile again. Ed has a walker now, and absolutely loves it. I need to get flame decals for it! I'll send you some, too.
    Hugs, Pilla xxx

  8. David
    Your positive light shines so brightly I can practically see you from here! Keep up with the exercises, as I’m sure the physio team will have you up and about if anyone can.
    Love and Hugs
    Crystal xx